As-Built Surveys Oakland, CA


Oakland Land Surveyors provides as-built surveys to contractors, architects, and construction professionals. An as-built survey is a detailed representation of the inside and outside of a building. We offer as-built surveys of commercial and residential properties. Our team will survey and measure all the dimensions of a building’s interior and exterior. We then provide a detailed drawing of the building. We have provided hundreds of as-built surveys over the years. If you are interested us performing an as-built survey for your home or business, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What is an As-Built Survey?
An as-built survey is an accurate 2D representation of a property. Our team will arrive and perform precise measurements of a building’s interior and exterior. The measurements are then converted into a drawing that can be used for future construction. Are you planning an addition or remodel for your home? Give our team a call before you begin. We can provide an as-built survey that will make your construction easier. We are available today to provide you with an as-built survey.

As-Built Survey Uses
As-built surveys are essential if you are planning any future additional construction on a property. Accurately measure your home or business will ensure any additional construction will be perfect. The information acquired during an as-built survey can be used by your architect and contractors to ensure your addition or remodel matches your current property. After construction is complete, an as-built survey can be used to obtain a certificate of occupancy. It will show that all local and state regulations were met as well. Our team is available today to provide you with an as-built survey. Feel free to give us a call today for more info.

Advantages of our As-Built Survey Services
Our team has years of experience with as-built surveys. We offer a streamlined process that will have your as-built survey finished in no time. We always follow the same procedure to ensure your as-built survey meets our high standards. Our plans are always extremely accurate, and you’ll be able to trust all our measurements. We provide accurate measurements and will always double and triple check our results. Your contractors won’t have to worry about measurement mistakes that could cost you money down the line. We offer fast, accurate and reliable as-built surveys. Feel free to email or call our team today for more info.   

Land and Mortgage Surveys
Our team is available for all types of surveys. If you are interested in any of our survey services, don’t hesitate to give one of our local land surveyors here at our Oakland office a call. We are available for property surveys, mortgage surveys and topographic surveys. Do you need an ALTA survey for financing for your home? No problem, our team is available today to perform your survey. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today if you need a survey for your new construction or current property.