Elevation Certificates California

Elevation certificates provide information that will help you acquire flood insurance. We provide elevation certificates to many clients in the Oakland area as well as state of California. An elevation certificate will always be required if you live in a high risk flood area. The certificate will indicate the property location, flood zone, building characteristics and the elevation of the lowest floor. The elevation certificate will help determine your insurance premiums. Our team has years of experience and can provide an elevation certificate in no time. Get in contact with one of our licensed land surveyors to speak about your needs for your project.

What is an Elevation Certificate?
An elevation certificate will provide essential information to your insurance company. The elevation certificate will help determine the cost of your flood insurance premiums. The more likely your property could flood, the higher the premium will be. Our land survey company will provide an elevation certificate that will give a few pieces of information, including the location of your property and proximity to a flood zone. These are used to assess the flood risk of your property. We also are required to provide a list of characteristics about your building. Finally, we will provide the elevation of the lowest location of the building. We assess the elevation of your property based on FEMA guidelines.

Do you need an Elevation Certificate?
Not all homes or properties will need an elevation certificate. There are currently three conditions that will require you to acquire an elevation certificate. Any property that has been financed through a federally regulated lender will need an elevation certificate. If you are in a flood hazard area that has been specified by FEMA and you are purchasing a flood insurance policy backed by NFIP, then you will need an elevation certificate. Our land surveyors can help you determine if you need an elevation certificate and how to go about obtaining one for your project. 

Other Reasons to get an Elevation Certificate.
Even if you don’t meet the above requirements, you might still want to get an elevation certificate. An elevation certificate provides essential information about your home or commercial property. Even low risk areas have a chance to be flooded. An elevation certificate could help you get lower rates on your flood and homeowners’ insurance. While a private insurance company won’t require an elevation certificate, they may offer you a discount if you provide them with one. Our group of professional land surveyors are available today to provide you with an elevation certificate.

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