Property Surveys Oakland CA


Property surveys provide definitive proof of land and property ownership. The team at Oakland Land Surveyors has years of experience surveying all types of properties. We are available to survey your commercial or residential property. We offer reliable, accurate and affordable property survey services. Hire our team during a property sale to ensure you are paying for the right property. Planning to build a fence? Let us  act as your residential property surveyor to make sure you place the fence on your property and not in your neighbor’s yard. You can learn more about our property survey services below.

What is a Property Survey?
A property survey is a way to determine the boundaries of a property. They can be used to establish new boundaries for new constructions or to confirm land boundaries that have already been set. A property owner might need a property line survey for a variety of reasons. Our team has years of experience surveying properties for commercial and residential clients. Our team will provide a detailed and professional survey that will meet your needs. A survey will help you solve property disputes and help determine your property’s zoning classification. Give our team a call today if you need a property survey for your home in Oakland.

Surveys for Property Sales
Many homeowners will get a property survey before buying or selling a home. While a survey is not necessary to sell or purchase a home, there are many benefits to surveying the land before a sale. A property survey will detail exactly where your property ends and another begins. It is the best way to prove ownership of land and will eliminate the risk of property disputes in the future should they arise. Most homeowners never know the exact property lines of their property. Hiring a professional land surveyor before a sale will ensure you are getting the property you are paying for.

When Should I get a Survey?
There are many reasons you might need a property line survey. A property survey is the easiest way to prove that you own the portion of land that is in question. If you plan on building a fence or an additional structure on your property, you will want to prove you own the property before construction. A survey can also help understand the zoning classification of your property. Are you interested in subdividing a larger parcel of land? Let us survey the land and ensure the parcels are perfectly subdivided. Our team can survey your land for any number of reasons. Feel free to email or call us today to learn more.

Protect your Property and Investment
A property survey is the easiest way to prove you own a parcel of land. It will specify exact boundaries between your property and your neighbor’s. This will eliminate the risk of land and boundary disputes. If you are planning on purchasing a property, a property survey will ensure you are paying for the specified land, home, and property. Our team of land surveyors are experts at property surveying. If you are interested in our services, feel free to email or call our land survey company for additional information and quotes.